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Teen Support Network

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Black Summer Shares His Bullying Experiences

The Reason Behind Teen Support Network Existences

Photo of the Teen Support Network's Founder William Russell

The Teen Support Network is an online anti-bullying community which was started on the 15th of February 2012, by William Russell (Pictured above), in a promise kept from a friend of his the promise was a two-part promise.

The first part of the Promise was to create a place online for teenagers from all walks of life to have access to advice, support and useful information.

The second part of promise was go never mention his real identity as he didn’t want the site to focus on him, he just wanted the community to be a safe and supportive place for all.

Sadly, in 2011 William’s friend took his own life because he could not handle the bullying any longer he was bullied because of his sexuality.

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If you’re in Australia and in a crisis and you need support urgently we recommend that you contact the following numbers:

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 Kids Helpine 
 1800 55 1800
 Mensline Australia
 1300 78 99 78
 Sane Australia
 1800 187 263 
 Emergency Services if needed

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